Mystical Match Mastery Podcast with Nasahrhette Gbawa

Why I Will No Longer Teach From The King Jame Bible

February 06, 2022 Nasahrhette Bawa Season 2 Episode 2
Mystical Match Mastery Podcast with Nasahrhette Gbawa
Why I Will No Longer Teach From The King Jame Bible
Show Notes


As I am traveling down the rabbit trails of Bible history. There comes a point when the evidence is super clear and you have to pause to decide how to move forward.

I launched Season 2 of Black Church with studies from the Torah. When I discovered how much information was intentionally omitted. At first, I was angry and hurt and I experienced a moment of religious trauma.

My questions of the Bible led me  to question the existence of Jesus. But I have to follow my heart and my heart says that there was a Hebrew person who shared a message of love, unity, and the importance of the transcendence of consciousness.

This led me to explore the ideas of the Hebrew person that was outside the KJV and the information is not only fascinating, I will be exploring it on Black Church this Season.

In this episode, I explore logic, belief, judgment, and wisdom. IFA says that Obatala weaved reality using Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding.

It is our responsibility to use all three of these tools to form our beliefs. I want this season to be about educating you and giving you the information you need to align logic with your beliefs!

In this podcast I will share an uncomfortable life lesson that I learned about being judgemental, I will share some bible history with you, and we will explore FAITH as it relates to our destiny.

My attempt is to give you as much historical data about the bible so that you can make a decision to believe ideas that will serve you!

You’ll hear from some of my mentors including my Babalawo, Baba Odu Shola of @fafore16 explaining what FATE is and Aunt Carla from @redsoulflower as the voice of my Egun encouraging me to educate and stay away from Judgement. It’s going to be a packed 90-minutes.

So get your headphones, get a notebook, and ENJOY.

This video includes music & clips I do not own: Donny Arcade “Return of Enki” featuring TXXD Villian. [].

Today’s lesson comes from the History



Today’s video also Includes clips from The National Geographic “The Great Courses Subscription Collection: The History and Archeology of the Bible on Amazon Prime. Instructor: Jean-Pierre Isbouts.