Mystical Match Mastery Podcast with Nasahrhette Gbawa

9 Reasons The World Will Be Destroyed! Real Soon

February 19, 2023 Nasahrhette Bawa Season 3 Episode 4
Mystical Match Mastery Podcast with Nasahrhette Gbawa
9 Reasons The World Will Be Destroyed! Real Soon
Show Notes

In this video The Lioness Of Judah talks of the 2nd coming and what we need to do to avoid the end of matter! She gives the 9 reasons why we are on the fast track to the destruction of our planet.

It won't take what you think! We have the divine spark within us. If we return to our true nature, we can turn things around. Watch or listen to this episode to learn the true teachings of Yeshua The Risen One and learn what we need to do to resolve our dilemma peacefully.

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Excerpt from Cosmos: Possible Worlds by Neil deGrasse Tyson

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